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Canadian Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau will no longer provide funding for summer student employment unless the employer affirms that they support abortions for anyone who wants one. This prevents every faith-based group that believes abortion is wrong from continuing to provide the services that help young people. .. more

Reflections on My Years in the Christian and Missionary Alliance by Dr. Arnold Cook

Strengthening Foundations

K Neill Foster

"I first experienced the impact of Neill's ministry about thirty years ago when I was a teenager. My family attended the Alliance church in Barrhead, Alberta – just thirty minutes from Lake Nakamun where Neill and Marilynne Foster founded and directed the Nakamun Family Camp, a ministry they ran from 1962 to 1981. Nakamun Family Camp was a foundational experience for me because of the powerful teaching. The community I experienced there, nurtured me and challenged me forward in my spiritual journey and has made a lifelong impact on me. I know this is also true for scores of others who attended Nakamun Family Camp over the years and I owe Neill and Marilynne a debt of gratitude for their obedience and service at Nakamun. I was very humbled thirty years later to be found serving together with Neill as an Elder at RockPoint Church." - Steven John, Calgary Alberta - the legacy continues!

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