K Neill Foster

Daily Doctrine

A daily devotional by Dr. K. Neill Foster

for January 12, 2020

Pray Out Loud

Text: "When you pray, say . . ." Luke 11:2.

The Lord's Prayer (better called The Disciples' Prayer) is part of many worship services and is usually repeated by the entire congregation in unison. Is the verbal expression of prayer important?


Creation took place when God spoke. Jesus said, "Say to this mountain,"and it would remove itself to the bottom of the sea. Jesus often pronounced words of healing which triggered the healings themselves.

Further, confession with the mouth is what we do to be saved-- we believe with the heart but confess with the mouth.

One of the functions of the Lord's Prayer is to claim deliverance "from evil" (literally, the evil one). Those who are skilled in what is commonly called the deliverance ministry soon learn that, in warfare with Satan, verbalizations are important. Prayers. Rejections. Renunciations. Commands. All are so much more effective when audible and verbal.

Human that we are, the mistake we might easily make would be to assume that silent prayers or commands, etc., are not effective. How erroneous that would be! Nevertheless, it is good to remind ourselves that Jesus said, "When you pray, say!"

Such an admonition is enough to get one praying one's prayers out loud!


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