K Neill Foster

Daily Doctrine

A daily devotional by Dr. K. Neill Foster

for April 20, 2020

Morning Is for Praying

Text: "In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation." Psalm 5:3

There is are military overtones in this text. The vocabulary uses military words. The setting out of requests is reminiscent of the setting out of battle formations in the expectation of coming conflict--thoughtful, meticulous, organized.

All great battles of history have been meticulously pre-planned. Exception? Napoleon at Waterloo was hurried--and finally defeated. More recently, the liberation of Kuwait was meticulously carried out in the operation known as Desert Storm. Now Saddam Hussein has been captured and awaits his fate.

David seemed to sense that morning is for praying, morning is for setting out requests like soldiers preparing for battle--and he has the expectation of an answer.

Might it be that sometimes our morning prayers are thoughtless, unfocused and imprecise?

Might it be that impromptu prayer could be a curse rather than a blessing?

Might it be that we have forgotten what David learned all too well--we are in a battle?

Might spontaneous prayer be nothing more than lazy chattering?

Might this text be a strong argument for written prayers?

Prayer is an assault weapon. Words, thoughtfully set in order--not thrown out in disheveled heaps--could make the difference. Maybe that's why our Lord said, "When ye pray, say . . ."?

I will defend impromptu and spontaneous prayer--but I will add written prayers to the fight. There is a place for them too.


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