K Neill Foster

Daily Doctrine

A daily devotional by Dr. K. Neill Foster

for October 13, 2019

Destroying God's Work

Text: "Do not destroy the work of God . . ." Romans 1:20.

This admonition from Paul is sometimes lost in the dust and fury of religious debate.

As the pastor, I recall a meeting many years ago with some of my leadership. Being a new church, we were struggling with the issue of who was leader. Was the pastor the true leader of the church, or were the elders the authentic leaders? From this vantage point, I see now that this was my chance to exemplify servant leadership, but instead I became a defender of pastoral authority and rights.

Returning home that night, I wondered what had happened. Now, years later, I can tell you what happened. That new church plant later died. Other pastors followed me, but eventually the work closed. I believe that the seeds of dissolution were scattered that eventful night.

Hindsight is "twenty-twenty" they say. In retrospect, my own lapse into ungodliness and arrogance cost the life of the church. There may have been other issues. Of course there were, over the subsequent years. But I am going on record here: My behavior, many years ago, destroyed the work of God in that place.

Does God forgive destructive behavior? Yes, but the pain and grief endure.


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