Daily Doctrine
by K Neill Foster
for April 22, 2019

Tears Are God's Way

Text: "I am worn out from groaning, all night I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears." Psalm 6:6

Tears are strategic in the kingdom. One of the verses I early learned was this: "He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, will doubtless come again with rejoicing." Soul-winners, we are told, need to be weeping people.

In this psalm David weeps all night. In fact, he floods his bed and wets his couch with tears. What are some possible reasons?

It may be that he has seen his sins and weeps because of them.

Or it may be that he has a burden of prayer that seizes him in the night hours.

And his only release is tears.

At the 2003 Canadian Revival Fellowship conference held at Caronport, Saskatchewan, one of those who shared his burden was a First Nations' man with a wayward daughter. As he told his story, he lamented that not once had he ever shed tears over her waywardness. But as he continued to speak, suddenly the fountains of deep erupted, and he found himself weeping for his daughter for the very first time.

"Lord, teach me about my hardness and my callousness--and about tears. May I never lose my loved ones to hell because I have never learned the power of tears in the night."


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