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Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

Dad's Serendipities

"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord," is what the Book says, and I surely believe that God places providences or serendipities around the death of his saints. Had you asked me about this before Dad died on October 23, 2004, I would have explained it to you like this.

Good–and quite unusual things–often happen around the deaths of the saints. Such stories should be expected–they happen everywhere. My unknowing part in the events just prior to Dad's death begins with my decision to attend the Canadian Revival Fellowship workers' conference in Regina. As I said goodbye to Marilynne, I told her that I would probably be returning early, not knowing exactly why. A few days later, my wife told me that Dad was gone. I knew why I had felt the inclination to return home early. The next day I left the conference.

I also found it interesting that I had been praying with a Salvation Army Officer about the precise time Dad died. That too seemed to have significance for me–to be in prayer when Dad passed on.

His final day began in the wee hours of the morning. He had gotten up to pay his rent! The office obviously was not open, so the care-givers sent him back to bed with instructions to wait for morning. It was in that morning, just a few hours later, that he slipped away.

Thinking back later over the eventful days that followed, including the funeral, I decided to look back at what I had written in Daily Doctrine a year earlier on October 30. It was all about our family, our relatives and my dad who was then 97 years of age. That so encouraged me that I then went to his day of death, October 23, 2003 (see www.kneillfoster.com .)

The headline was, "Paul Paid His Rent." Dad was not the only one who wanted to pay his rent! I'm not attaching particular meanings to these events and seeming serendipities written a year earlier, but they do encourage me. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."


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