K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

Unbelieving Students Pray

Calgary, Alberta-- Michaela Bienert is a goalie—a ringette goalie—and a member of a team called the Northwest Ice Crushers. Ringette is played on ice with skates, much like hockey, except that the girls use rings that are manipulated and shot with sticks. The goalie wears full equipment as the shots can come in at quite a velocity some times.

Michaela is part of a team that recently headed for a tournament held in Medicine Hat. On game day, Michaela was not feeling well in the morning, and very ill by evening, even crying in distress at game time. At the last minute, it was decided that another girl would dress for goal. For this eleven-year-old, it was a desperate situation. Michaela, ever the evangelist, came up with a solution—prayer. While her team had fallen behind by seven goals, three players on the bench huddled to pray for Michaela--no matter that the other girls were not yet believers.

The healing was instant. Michaela announced to her coach, “I can play if you want me to.” And in she went. They didn’t win the game, but some of the girls and their parents, again not yet believers, were moved to tears. It was a classic case of answered prayer in the lives of folks who have not yet formally embraced Jesus Christ.

Much like the centurion Cornelius in Acts 10. He was getting his prayers answered though he was still yet to be converted in Peter’s upcoming visit.


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