K Neill Foster

Small Miracles and Plain Prayers

A occasional series: answers to prayer about plain things - by Dr. K. Neill Foster

Oops--A Deer!

My wife and I were taking an evening drive over to see my sister–a one-hour drive away. For the curious, we were taking Alberta's Highway 22, and the time was sundown–night was just falling.

My wife was making her usual contribution as "backseat driver"–the custodian over all of our safety! My inevitable question to her is always, "How do I ever manage to come and go safely without your invaluable services?" (Her reply? It must be a miracle!)

Suddenly she said, "Better brighten the lights! There may be a deer!"

In a husbandly instant, I brightened the lights. You already know what happened–in that same instant the deer appeared on our side of the road. I slammed on the brakes and barely missed the animal as it ambled across the road in front of us. I have to admit that had I not brightened my lights, we would have hit it.

Moments later, there was another deer–a buck this time, but more easily avoided. My dear wife burst into prayer, and we belatedly prayed for a safe journey.

I thought of the verse, "Before you call, I will answer."

"... in everything by prayer," even if you are a tad late.


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