Gangs? Nothing New!

Pressure to join a gang is nothing new. King Solomon wrote in great detail about the dangers of joining a gang. The lure of taking property away from people to use for yourself may be tempting, but he says, “Don’t give in.”

Gang activity and violence go hand-in-hand resulting in injury or death to the innocent – all for some ill-gotten gain. As they wait to knife someone in their greed, addiction and anger, they do not realize that they have set a trap for themselves – a trap from which they may never escape. Their lives are forever changed and nothing they do can ever turn back the clock and undo the harm. (Proverbs 1:8-19)

So we are warned to resist the temptation to do what we know is wrong. The temptation isn’t sin, but yielding to the temptation is clearly wrong. Why then would someone do it? Being part of a gang may give a sense of self-worth and a reason to return. But such a sense is fickle and will end in abandonment worse than anyone can imagine. Hell will be filled with very lonely, isolated, rebellious individuals who resisted God until their fate was sealed by death.

The truth that sets people free is found in Christ. By His power He can help us resist temptation. By His blood He has forgiven us of the sin we do, and when we accept that forgiveness, we are covered by His righteousness. Our sins are forgiven and we can live life in His power knowing that He loves us deeply and will never abandon us – never!

Those already in gangs can find freedom in Christ – if they want – but often, the longer one lives a life of rebellion against God, the harder they find it possible that God could forgive their sins. Not that He can’t, but the acts of entrenched rebellion blinds the individual from being able to grasp the truth that Christ died for them to set them free. The prayer of a believer can help the blinded person to see Christ and to replace the rebellion with obedience.

Gangs? Nothing new! Their violence and rebellious ways originate with Satan himself. But the rebellion will be brought to an end under the strong rule of the King who will put an end to Satan and his gang. Great is the King! The King lives forever!