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Dr. K. Neill Foster was a pastor, evangelist, teacher, publisher, author, Founder and Director of Nakamun Family Camp, Founder and President of Evangelistic Enterprises Society, Trustee of Simpson College, Member of the Board of Managers for the C&MA USA, Director of Christian Publications Inc., and friend. His work suddenly came to an end when the Lord called him home in May 2006.

This website was designed to showcase not only his books and writings but that of many other authors as well. The content of this site is maintained by a friend to enable many more people to be exposed to his wisdom and sound reasoning. It is our prayer that you will be blessed as you read the material preserved here for your personal benefit.

The Third View of Tongues (On Line)
A surprising and forceful case for the middle ground
Horizon Books, 3825 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011, ISBN: 0-88965-051-9. ©1994 K. Neill Foster, Originally copyrighted © 1975, by Bethany Fellowship, Inc., under the title Help! I Believe in Tongues

The Happen Stance: How to Make Things Happen In Your Christian Life (Warfare Weapons) (On Line)
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data, Foster, Neill. The happen stance. 1. Christian life-1960- I. Title. BV4501.2.F65, 248'.4, 77-13263 ISBN 0-8407-5625-9

Sorting-book Sorting Out The Supernatural: If It Happens in Church, Is It Always of God?
ISBN: 0875098673, Paperback, 432pp, Pub. Date: May 2001 Publisher: Christian Publications, Incorporated
This book is an exploratory, non-exhaustive look at the contemorary components of Judeo-Christian life and practice - prophecy, tongues-speaking, revelation, signs and wonders, healing, deliverance, providences, falling and more. Liberally sprinkled with both historical and contemporary illustrations, these pages provide though-provoking insight for our times.

Premillennialism and the Alliance Distinctives What relevancy does premillennialism hold for modern evangelicalism? In particular, how relevant is it in giving focus and direction to The Christian and Missionary Alliance? What bearing does premillennialism have on Alliance distinctives? Is ownership of this doctrine really that essential to the future effectiveness of the ministry of the Alliance?

Discover what pleases God: Be humble, desire righteousness, be merciful, be pure in thoughts, be a peacemaker and endure persecution. Be generous and give glory to the Father. Teach God’s commands to others very carefully. Be truthful in your answers. Give to those who ask to borrow. Love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you. Pray in secret but don’t use many words just to fill the air - God knows what we need before we ask. Store treasures in heaven, not on earth. Don’t worry about anything but trust God first and seek His righteousness and He will provide everything you need. Don’t judge others like a hypocrite. Recognize truth by the fruit knowing that evil produces bad fruit. Take action to do right because failure to act leads to destruction. God desires faithful love and that people know God.


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