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The copyright for People with Disabilities: A Biblical Perspective is owned by The Christian and Missionary Alliance headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A. Included on this website by permission.


The genesis of this study began on April 4, 1962, in the South Vietnamese mountain city of Dalat. That was the date that our third daughter, Virginia Jewel, was born. Months later the diagnosis of Down's Syndrome was confirmed by doctors in New York City. Our precious Jewel lived for just over 36 years and then went home to be with Christ on August 25th, 1998.

Well-meaning friends and strangers all had their recommendations and opinions as to what should be done for her. There were varying views as to why this should have happened to her, and to us, her family, but God in His goodness directed us back to the revelation of His mind concerning such matters as recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

This booklet attempts to confront the often confusing issues head-on by recording what God has to say in response to difficult questions -- not what the author thinks, nor what anyone else supposes. The chapter headings in this short booklet will give you some idea of the ground we cover:

Right to Life vs. Sanctity of Life

The Cause of Disabilities

Why vs. What

People with Disabilities are Part of God's Purpose and Plan in the World

I pray that this careful study of God's Word will be enlightening and will prove to be an encouragement to those who personally must cope with disabilities as well as to those who are called upon to care for them. Those who are obliged to take this journey in life often find the pilgrimage to be lonely, confining, painful, confusing, and stressful. The high percentage of marriage breakdowns resulting from the birth and care of a child with disabilities is indeed distressing. May God be pleased to use this humble offering to minister to needy, searching hearts.

Rev. Sam Thompson, President of Clearer Vision Ministries, Inc. wrote the following Forward in the booklet:

"I never will forget a paper I wrote as a freshman in college. The professor specifically asked for a ten-page composition. I gave him fifteen. I handed it in, expecting the professor to be impressed by my knowledge of the subject and my ability to handle so aptly, the English language. When the graded paper was returned marked "C," I reacted as a typical freshman: rage, hurt feelings, and the opinion that the prof simply did not play fair. Then his statement, carefully written on the cover sheet, jumped out at me. "A lot of words does not necessarily say a lot." I got the point.

"As President of Clearer Vision Ministries, Inc., I have read 'a lot of words' about ministering to people with disabilities during the past twenty-one years. There have been larger volumes written on the subject, but in my opinion, none have stated things better that this little booklet, People with Disabilities: A Biblical Perspective. Here, based on God's Word, we find a clear understanding and Christian perspective on ministry to and with people having disabilities.

Although brief, this booklet states volumes. If my college professor were to grade it, I believe he would, without hesitation, place an "A" on the cover. It says exactly what needs to be said. As you read with an open mind, I believe you will agree."

Rev. Sam Thompson, President
Clearer Vision Ministries, Inc.

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