When God is Ashamed to be Called Your God

The religions of the world all seem to have one thing in common: the worship of God or many gods as represented in idols or as pantheism. Some believe that their god cannot be known but must be appeased to receive protection and favor. Except for the Living God who has communicated through prophets, both in writing and personally, no other god has reveal what he is thinking – how could they, no god of wood or stone actually lives, it’s just an idol.

When the Living God allows disaster and tragedy to come upon a nation or community, it may be because the people in that community have ignored God’s clear communication to them. In the book of Judges, the Bible records many cycles when people disobeyed the Living God and did their own thing. Tragic consequences brought these people back to want to hear God’s voice and obey Him thus bringing peace to the land. Falling back into sin and disobedience eventually brought another cycle of disaster and tragedy.

The Living God has clearly communicated to the people of earth those things that please Him and those things that do not. But imagine what He must think when people who claim to be His children say and do things that are contrary to His will and instruction! And when these people teach others to follow their ways, I suspect that God is ashamed that they claim to be His children (Hebrews 11:16).

Jesus made it very clear – if you love God you will do what He says, you will obey Him recognizing that He has redeemed you from the pit of destruction and given you a new life, a new hope and the promise of a very enjoyable life in the world to come. Having been redeemed with a price that you could never pay yourself, it is a small thing to commit this new life to serving the Living God. If you do not want to serve God, then your only option is to stay on the road to destruction and eternal torment – your choice.

Hebrews chapter 11 records the history of people who believed God and in faith did things that may have seemed to be illogical but in hindsight accomplished great things in obedience to God. Of such people, the Bible records that God was not ashamed to be called their God. The passage goes on to say that He has prepared a city for them. Having left this earth, they await the resurrection and the new earth which will be free from sin.

God has endured the hostility of sinners against Himself, but there is coming a day of judgment when all of God’s promises will be fulfilled and the obedient will see all the wonders God has prepared for His people – those of whom He is not ashamed.