Meaning of the Rainbow

The rainbow flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements in use since the 1970s” according to Wikipedia. Isn’t it strange that people so opposed to God’s written instructions would take one of God’s symbols and corrupt a version of it for their own use.

God defined the rainbow as a covenant between Him and every living creature on the earth. It is a promise that rain will never flood the earth like it did in Noah’s day. God says by this sign, He will remember the covenant to never destroy all life on earth by water. The rainbow is a reminder to us of God’s power and mercy (Genesis 9:8-17).

Unfortunately, there are people who use the symbol of the rainbow to thumb their nose at God, to pretend that He doesn’t exist, and to act as though God is a liar. For those who don’t understand these statements, here are the details:

God created mankind male and female (Genesis 2:24) and instructed them to be fruitful, to multiply and to fill the earth (Genesis 9:1). Any form of behavior that is opposed to this is an affront to God. It is disobedience. It is the creature telling the Creator that we will do our own thing, male with male, female with female, and so on. Intentionally disobeying God is to invite judgment. God is not mocked – those who act corruptly without repentance will be judged. God offers forgiveness to those who turn from their wicked ways and obey Him but for those who refuse to submit to God, there is no other outcome.

Ignoring God isn’t going to make Him go away. Some like to pretend that God doesn’t exist or even if He does that He is not bothered by what people do. On the contrary, His eyes see everything you do and He waits for you to realize that you need Him. If you do not respond to God, His written Word, His messengers, His warnings to you while you still live, your destiny will be to stand before the Judge – the very one you pretended didn’t exist – and to receive your sentence from a just and righteous God who will not leave sin unpunished (Exodus 34:7).

How can a loving God sentence people to hell – a place prepared for Satan and his demons? People were never intended to go to hell, but when they follow Satan, they follow him to hell. Since God has already declared in writing how He feels about homosexuality and other perversions, He would be a liar if He does not do what He said He would do when judging sin. God is not a liar. Everything He has ever done has been truthful. He is a loving God, but He is also just. He is a merciful God showing mercy where none was expected, yet He is righteous. He is faithful, keeping His promises through all generations – for those who love and obey Him that is very good news; for those who ignore or reject God that is very fearful news.

The rainbow is the promise of God’s mercy that the world will never be destroyed by flooding. It is a symbol of hope and assurance that God keeps His promises. However, the rainbow should be a symbol of sheer terror for those who resist God and intentionally rebel against Him (Revelation 20:15). The rainbow should remind them that God keeps ALL His promises, and He will judge sin and perversions.

The path to God’s love, favor and mercy is not difficult so don’t raise phony objections:

1) Admit that you are a sinner, that you have broken God’s laws.

2) Ask God to forgive you – He offers freedom at no charge!

3) Repent of your sin, turn away from sin and ask God to give you the strength to live a life according to His laws which were written for your good.

4) Worship God, the Creator of heaven and earth and all that exists, and Jesus the Son of God who died to pay the penalty of your sin so that you could go free. One God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is no one else like our God – no other god should be worshiped.

5) Walk in obedience to the truth you know, read the Bible to learn more, and talk to God through prayer.

6) Tell others what God has done for you, and join with other believers who also desire to follow God.

Welcome to God’s forever family!