Rodents and Rainbows

Ground Hog Day! A day when grown adults in North America consult a rodent to predict the weather for the next 6 weeks. Depending on whether the ground hog sees its shadow or not the prediction is for 6 more weeks of winter or the immediate start of spring. Of course, people who live in areas where the ground is covered with snow for months during the winter may grasp at any hope that the snow will soon melt and green grass will appear.

Consulting rodents is only one example of irrational behavior. Israel made a golden calf and worshiped it (Exodus 32, 1 Kings 12:28). Israel consulted mediums and spiritists rather than God (Isaiah 8:19, 30:2). Hosea says they consulted wooden idols and the diviner’s wand informed them (Hosea 4:12). He says the people were led astray by a spirit of harlotry.

It wouldn’t surprise me if people are led astray by consulting rodents or inanimate objects. The Bible has much to say about wisdom and acquiring wisdom. God offers it free to anyone who asks (James 1:5). Of course, if you are going to ask God for wisdom, it seems obvious that you believe that there is a God and that He keeps His promises. God wants us to know that He is serious about His promises: He gave us the rainbow as a reminder that His promises will never fail.

So then, we have a choice: ask a rodent or trust God’s promises. As for me, I will ask for God’s wisdom and trust His promises.