Rock Star

A local radio station has a contest to see who can recognize a song from a snippet less than a second long. The prizes are usually tickets to a concert or event. Some people know the music so well that just a blurb a fraction of second long is enough to allow them to recognize the song.

I sometimes wonder how much of God’s voice people would need before they would recognize His voice.

Some of the music that is played is so unknown to me that they could play the whole recording and I still couldn’t tell you the title and artist.

God speaks to people all through their lives yet many never recognize His voice. The people who hear God’s voice and do what He asks of them will receive great reward. Failure to acknowledge God is a terrible way to lose.

One thought on “Rock Star

  1. Lorraine

    Just like in music, a person needs to focus and listen frequently and intently so that God’s voice instantly is recognizable and His message is clear. The rewards of this practice are beyond imagination. Thanks for making this point of contrast.

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