Welcome to 2021

We begin a new year while the COVID-19 pandemic is taking many lives every day.

Three people were taken by God, whose bodies were not found: Enoch, Moses, and Elijah. Each lived in an era that differed from the next. Enoch walked with God before the flood. Moses spoke with God and led the Israelites up to the promised land. Elijah was a great prophet, taken up in a whirlwind. Moses and Elijah appeared with Christ in the transfiguration.

Hebrews 11:5 says Enoch did not experience death. Jude says that Enoch prophesied “Look! The Lord comes with tens of thousands of his holy ones 15 to execute judgment on all and to convict all the ungodly concerning all the ungodly acts that they have done in an ungodly way, and concerning all the harsh things ungodly sinners have said against him.”

The warning from God to everyone is that all should repent of their sin because judgment is coming. No amount of denial changes the truth – there is a God and that He will judge those who act and believe contrary to His instruction. The time to turn from sin and receive forgiveness is now. It’s up to you to accept the terms of the pardon. Will you stubbornly refuse to submit to the Creator of all creation? Remember, it is your choice.