What Kind of World?

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Option A: discover what pleases God: Be humble, desire righteousness, be merciful, be pure in thoughts, be a peacemaker and endure persecution. Be generous and give glory to the Father. Teach God’s commands to others very carefully. Be truthful in your answers. Give to those who ask to borrow. Love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you. Pray in secret but don’t use many words just to fill the air – God knows what we need before we ask. Store treasures in heaven, not on earth. Don’t worry about anything but trust God first and seek His righteousness and He will provide everything you need. Don’t judge others like a hypocrite. Recognize truth by the fruit knowing that evil produces bad fruit. Take action to do right because failure to act leads to destruction. God desires faithful love and that people know God.

Option B: the opposite of option A is all around us: proud, ungodly, unmerciful, evil, war mongering, easily offended, misleading, dishonest, worried, and more.

What kind of life do you want?