Created to Multiply

God said that mankind is to be fruitful, to multiply and to fill the earth. However some people say that mankind must limit births and prevent over-population on the earth. What should one believe?

Our actions are controlled by those things that we hang onto as foundational. If we believe that there is no Creator-God, then we likely believe that we arrived here on earth through an evolutionary process that began with a single living cell that somehow developed into all the diversity of life we now see – not only birds and animals, but trees and vegetation. From simplicity to complexity, in spite of the laws of thermodynamics, humanistic thinking believes that we are constantly improving and getting better in every regard.

Having developed tools to analyze and measure the world around us, we have suddenly become alarmed that we may run out of resources, especially food, and that we are polluting the environment through greed, and that the future of the earth is finite and we must find ways to protect the species. Even with all the tools that let us see the stars and planets as never before and the tools that examine substance to the sub-atomic level, it seems that humanists refuse to acknowledge a Designer.

However, if we believe that there is a Creator-God, then we believe that we were created and placed here for a purpose. We were told how to live and interact with each other and how to enjoy an abundant fruitful life knowing that God is always in control. We are told that there will be people in rebellion against God who refuse to obey His instructions for life, and that it is the pollution of sin that will eventually destroy this earth. God, who knows all things yet to come, has prepared for that time when the sinners will be judged and the faithful will enter the very presence of God in a new earth created for our existence.

These are two very different viewpoint, and obviously, they are mutually exclusive – only one reality can be true. The evidence of a Creator-God is all around us. The evidence of a spiritual realm, though unseen, is also affirmed by every religion, is portrayed in movies and culture, and is experienced by people who have chosen to submit to God..

All of us have sinned and all are born with a propensity to sin. The Bible makes it clear that the result of sin is death – not just a physical death that is inevitable for all living things, but a spiritual death that is a result of disobeying the One who created all living things. But God, in His great love for the ones He created, has provided a means of redemption through Jesus Christ so that sinners could be forgiven and granted eternal life.

The search for immortality consumes people who believe that there must be more to life than approximately 70 years. Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes that God has set eternity in the heart. The eternal God has created people to live with Him forever, however people who reject His plan to save us and to give us eternal life will only know a future of eternal separation from God in great loneliness and suffering. The time for each person to make a choice is now. Do you want to live out your years on this earth believing that there is no God and that you can do anything that feels good, or do you want to recognize God as the Creator and willingly submit to His rule and authority?

God created mankind to rule the earth under His authority. When we rule according to the teachings of the Bible and by the power that God gives to live in harmony with His will, we will prosper and so will the entire earth. But when people deny God and assume that they are in control of earth by their own power, terrible things happen.

Drought is one of the signs of God’s judgment. Many times in the Bible we read that when people chose to displease God, drought was a tool God used to cause people to return to Him. When a community worshiped God as Lord, they often saw incredible harvests and blessings. In our world today, we see several areas experiencing tremendous drought. It is a message from God calling us to acknowledge Him as the One we ought to honor and obey.

In a world that lives according to God’s laws, there will always be enough food and resources. Obeying the command to be fruitful and multiply will never put the world at risk of not having enough food for everyone.

Francis Chan is quoted as saying “We don’t get to decide who God is.” Yet there are many people in this world who feel they can redefine who God is and what He meant when He spoke. From churches that redefine God’s Word to actually mean the opposite of what is actually written, to people who believe that they can be god, a lot effort is spent trying to say that the God of Abraham is obsolete and not relevant to our current world. Well I’ve got news for you – we have not out-grown our need for God. By His power, the entire universe is held together and He deserves all our worship and adoration.

If you want a fruitful and productive life, serve God in every aspect of your life. Then your life on this earth becomes the entrance to an eternal life with God. Choose very carefully – your final answer will last for eternity.

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